How to Compress PDF File and Reduce it's Size

You want to reduce the size of those PDF files. The PDF you’re trying to send as an attachment might be just too large. Or a hefty PDF file you regularly open might take too long to fully load.

Compress PDF File and Reduce Size
Compress PDF File and Reduce Size

Using Microsoft Word

1.    Open a new file in Microsoft Word. Do so by opening the app shaped like a blue W. Then click on File in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and click on New Blank Document.

2.    Click on Insert in the menu bar.

3.    Click on Photo and then Picture from file….

4.    Select the PDF file you want to reduce to a smaller file.

5.    Click on Insert.

6.    Click on the image.

7.    Click on File in the menu bar.

8.    Click on Reduce File Size…. It's near the bottom of the menu.

9.    Click on the "Picture Quality:" drop-down menu and select a file size.

10.    Click on OK.

11.    Right click on the image.
On Mac, press Control and click.

12.    Click on Save as Picture…. It's near the top of the menu.

13.    Enter a name for the image in the "Save As:" field.

14.     Select the location in which to save the image. Use the dialog box to do so.

15.    Click on the "Format:" drop-down and click on PDF.

16.    Click on Save. The PDF file has now been saved as a smaller file.

Using a PDF Converter

1. Download a PDF Converter. One of the most popular options is PrimoPDF, which is available for free from the developer’s website. This program can create PDF files, but can also shrink existing PDF files. PrimoPDF installs a PDF printer on your system that allows the program to create PDF files instead of printing to a physical printer. 
Cute PDF, Foxit Reader are other popular PDF printers. 
Once installed, when you print a page you will have the option to print using Primo PDF, which will save the file as a PDF.

2.     Open your PDF in any PDF reader. Click the "File" menu, then choose "Print". In the printer selection menu, select PrimoPDF as your printing device. 

3    Click the "Properties" button. Depending on your PDF software, you will see different options, but all should allow you to choose the quality that you want to create the new file with. Choose one that preserves the readability but still reduces the size. 
For PrimoPDF, choose the Screen quality option to get the smallest PDF possible. This will reduce the quality to where it is only suitable for viewing on a monitor, but not for printing. 
For Cute PDF, open the Compression tab and choose your quality settings. 
If you choose quality options that were higher than the original, your file size will actually end up bigger.
4      Save the file to your desired location. When you are satisfied with your settings click the Print button. This will open the “Save File As” dialog box, where you can set where you you’re your new version to be saved

Using Online Tools

1. Find an online conversion service. There are several websites that will reduce the size of your PDFs. You upload the file to their server, it is compressed, and then it is sent back to you. File sizes typically have to be smaller than 5-10 MB, with a couple of notable exceptions. Popular services include: 
Small PDF – This website will compress PDF files and quickly return them to you. There is no limit of the size of the file, or the number of times you can use the service. 
Neevia’s PDFCompress – This website has a 5 MB file limit but gives you much more control over the compression options than SmallPDF.

2        Upload the file. You can also drag and drop the file into the box on the website. click the “Choose File” button and then browse for it on your computer.
Wait until the file is uploaded and compressed. The compression may take a few minutes, especially for larger files. 

3    Download the file. Once the compression is complete, the website will send you the new file. Depending on your browser settings, you may need to accept this file and indicate where you want to save it. 
Not all files will benefit from compression. If it is already optimized, you may not be able to reduce the file size any more than it is.

Online Compression Tools
1. Locate an online PDF compression tool. This may be found by typing the following search terms into your preferred web browser: “free online PDF compression.” Ensure that the service is free, and comes recommended by one of the large, well-known computer or business print or online publications (There tend to be highly visible website banners indicating that the site received kudos from a reputable source). 

2. Either select the file you want to compress from your computer, or drag and drop it to begin the upload. The website may have you watch an ad or type in a captcha code. 

3. Wait. Once compression is complete, you will be alerted that the download is available. Some services email you the compressed document, while others allow you to download it directly from the site. 

Adobe Acrobat

1.    Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat. You may also select more than one PDF in a PDF Portfolio. 
2 .    Click File → Save As → Reduced Size PDF. Select the version of compatibility needed. If you can ensure that all users will be using version Adobe Acrobat X or later, the file will be further compressed.